Phil Music SXSW Pix

Phil Music SXSW Pix

Pix from Phil Music 03/13/97

KUT Control Room Photos
Taken by Sara Swenson

Jan Donkers & Me

Jan Donkers

Myself & Irwin Nijhoff of The Prodigal Sons

Irwin Nijhoff of The Prodigal Sons

Lester Peabody

Wolfgang Doebeling & me

Kenny Franklin, Booka Michel, & Julie Lamb
of Freckle

Kenny Franklin, Julie Lamb, & Mike Dennis
of Freckle

Jan Donkers is the host of "High Forehead, Low Profile" on the Dutch National Radio Service, VPRO, Tuesday nights from midnight 'til 1 am, Hilversum time.

Irwin Nijhoff of the Dutch band Prodigal Sons has a new CD called "You Still Think," on the Munich label.

Lester Peabody is an outstanding guitarist from Finland. His latest CD is called "Focus On Guitars."

Wolfgang Doebeling is a radio host in Berlin, and a free lance writer for the German "Rolling Stone" magazine.

Freckle is led by New Yorker Julie Lamb. The first Freckle CD is called "Pure."

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